Nothing like waiting to the last minute to see the Chihuly exhibit. #Art #VMFA #GlassArt #ChihulyBeLike (at Virginia Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA))

Patrick Dougherty’s ‘Meadowmorphosis’ at Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens (Taken with instagram)

Here’s Ben Folds getting pelted with paper airplane song requests to create his set-list for last night’s show at The National in Richmond, VA.

How cool it is that social media can help an artist tap into the creative energy of his fans so effortlessly?  And with it help to create something so unique and tailored just for that audience, for that night, in which the audience had an integral part.  


last night i attended ben folds’ show at the national in richmond, va. ben sent out a facebook request hours before the show asking attendees to create paper airplanes with requests written on them. the airplanes would serve as the vehicle guiding the entire show, which was based solely on these requests! 

this concert was based on the laws of chance, guided by paper airplanes to a stage. 
“what i love about this is that i would never have created a setlist like this,” he said.

oh, ben i do admire you!